It’s very possible, but this is not the same kind of streaming as YouTube or HULU. To view this stream on your TV, you’ll need to have some device (either a phone or computer) playing this stream, and then physically connect it to your TV via HDMI cable.

Another possibility, is if you have a Chromecast or AppleTV device on the same network as the device playing the stream, you can use the icon in the corner of the player to sling the output over to your TV.  These are currently the only ways to watch this on your TV.

It is potentially possible that your SmartTV may play this stream. However, many SmartTVs use different operating systems, and they may not support this particular streaming protocol. We can’t guarantee it will work! Best to use one of the methods described above!

This is a qualified YES! While the stream is playing on your device, you can click and drag on the scrub bar at the bottom of the player and rewind back to see what you missed. 

HOWEVER! Once the competition session is over, and the stream is stopped, the playback function will stop working as well!

Sadly, no.  Archives have to be processed and rendered for streaming play again after they’ve been recorded. This takes some time, and there are MANY contest sessions during the week! We have promised to have the archives ready on the Monday following the convention.

We’re proud to say that you should be able to watch this stream on any contemporary smart phone, either Android or Apple iOS. Just about any mainstream browser should allow you to login and see either the live stream or the archives.  Notebook computers (either Windows or Mac) should be able to play this stream in any of their mainstream browsers as well.  Same goes for most tablets, Android or iOS (iPad).

We do NOT stream to Roku at this time. Kindles do not have the processing power to handle streams like this, unfortunately. 

We will be providing email support before, during and after the stream. Phone support is not currently available. You’re welcome to email us at:, or fill out the form on our Contact Us page.

We’re sure your card is just fine. Often folks will move, and not change the street address associated with that bank account/card. So the address you use when you register here, may not match the address reported to our merchant processor. This looks potentially like a fraudulent transaction, and is therefore declined.  Please call your bank and be sure the address is correct, and that the bank hasn’t put a hold on the card due to other suspected fraudulent transactions recently.